Cabinets Self Content Micro Datacenter (MDC)

ARCTIC Bunker is a highly integrated and new generation modular data center solution. It uses racks to support the telematics standard and fully integrates all subsystems, including UPS, refrigeration, power distribution, lightning protection, fire control, cabling, airflow management, and intelligent monitoring. The Chicago Digital Power modular data center micro solution offers a secure environment and physical infrastructure backup for the proper functioning of the equipment according to international standards and standards. ARCTIC Bunker takes up very little space, allowing for rapid implementation within a limited space, and provides 10 types of solutions that require 20kVA power supply capabilities.

ARCTIC Bunker can be applied in environments of less than 8 square meters or with an IT load of less than 7.0 kW. It is suitable for IT applications in regional or small business environments.

  • High availability
  • Supports the highest level of class A availability
  • It satisfies the different levels of availability and provides N, N + 1 or 2N configurations according to customer needs.
  • The mechanical structure enables the cooling system every time messages such as over-temperature are detected. It provides a highly reliable power supply system and does not require a UPS or consume UPS resources.
  • Decentralized redundancy is used for air conditioning, UPS, environment and intelligent rack (temperature and humidity, lighting, PDU, door sensor and more). The normal display and message loading of other equipment are not affected even if one of the controller’s malfunctions.
  • Energy savings PUE less than 1.4. A cold or hot aisle containment system effectively isolates the mixture of hot and cold air. In the cooling rack with horizontal airflow, it is used to reduce hot spots in data centers.
  • Space-saving, the cooling system in the cabinet uses a centrifugal fan and in some models of electro-switched type (EC). Horizontal airflow is used to reduce resistance and shorten the distance of the cold aisle. A depth of 1200 mm is perfectly integrated with the cabinet design.
  • Rapid deployment Suitable for medium / small data center applications such as government, education, finance or small and medium enterprises. It offers flexibility, has short implementation periods and can be extended at any time without the need for excessive investment.
  • The level of availability can be adjusted at any time. Adjust the level of system availability at any stage, including design, installation or operations. The power supply system and the cooling system do not need a redesign.
  • The temperature, humidity, smoke, liquid, access control and telematics infrastructure signals can be connected to the open source-based monitoring system. The system is self-discovery without the need to make modifications to the platform.
  • Alert notification through instant messaging. Mobile applications allow maintenance and administration personnel to find information about the operation of the system at any time and place.

It prevents non-professional personnel from misusing equipment such as UPS or refrigeration and causing system failures. Access systems are equipped at the front and rear doors of the system cabinet and only authorized personnel can enter the password on the touch screen to open the doors. The doors can be opened manually with keys if the access system does not work properly.


Rapid implementation of IT teams. Prefabricated and fully tested system; No additional engineering is required on-site to activate the product.

Designed to be implemented anywhere outdoors. Through this standardized architecture and remote monitoring platform, you can gain control of these critical assets, reduce risks, operating costs and improve the level of service.

Dynamic and scalable growth. This independent solution means that you can plan and invest your IT assets step by step as your business grows. Invest only when necessary.

The system components have been designed by an experienced R&D team, which allows for diverse customization, including capacity configuration, redundancy configuration, mechanical and software modifications.

The fully enclosed IP55 protection cabinet system provides a safe space for IT equipment, resistant to noise, dust, debris, vibration, vandalism, sabotage, moisture, magnetism, and fire, thanks to its insulating sandwich panel that Allows fire and thermal protection.

The two-phase power rack-mounted power system provides good power quality by protecting the IT equipment from poor power conditions and power outages. Configurable batteries to guarantee business continuity in case of electrical absence.

Built-in modular cooling for heat displacement and creating a suitable work environment for critical IT teams.

The monitoring system collects and displays all MDC information, such as temperature and humidity, smoke, door opening, power status, and cooling. Supports remote web access, email alert, instant messaging alert, under SNMP protocol for BMS integration.

The RFID access control system provides total protection and supports remote door opening management. The camera system provides remote video monitoring to know the status of assets at any time in the situation.

The internal frame firefighting system automatically detects the status of the fire with early detection and releases the spray extinguishing agent to extinguish the fire. The detection and extinction technology complies with international standards NFPA 75 and 76.


Data Container (Containerized)

Fast implementation for cutting-edge computing applications in the world of the internet of things.

This new era of heavy data traffic computing, edge computing systems act as a caching point and aggregation of data between users and larger data centers to alleviate IT loads and reduce latency. Following the growing applications of state-of-the-art computing, CDP is presenting a new generation of data centers in prefabricated containers with flexible energy and cooling designs, rapid implementation and scalable capacity for deployment anywhere. The all-in-one design not only provides a one-stop-shop for customers but also offers high system integration and reliability.

  • Cloud computing.
  • Telecommunications
  • Edge computing.
  • Content delivery network.
  • Configuration and factory tests to avoid implementation errors.

  • Fast implementation, Traditional construction takes 18 to 24 months, with this fully modular design concept, the CDP container data center is flexible and scalable with only a few weeks or months for the implementation to meet the needs of IT in rapid growth.

  • Prefabricated architecture, tested and fully configured with high portability for cutting-edge computing applications.
  • All subsystems, such as UPS, power distribution, battery, cooling, racks and more, are integrated according to the designs developed by the customer’s needs.
  • Continuously variable fan speed control in precision air conditioning equipment, thus allowing high energy savings.
  • Containing the hot or cold aisle further improves cooling efficiency.
  • The UPS can generate a high efficiency of 99% even with a light load of 30%.

The data center management software (DCIM) provides a sophisticated management and monitoring solution that includes energy, energy, assets, work orders, security, capacity management, based on a free software platform, which gives you It allows the end-user to monitor their computer equipment on a single platform, together with the physical infrastructure.

  • It prevents non-professional personnel from misusing equipment such as UPS or refrigeration and causing system failures. Access systems are equipped at the front and rear doors of the system cabinet and only authorized personnel can enter the password on the touch screen to open the doors. The doors can be opened manually with keys if the access system does not work properly.


Accuracy Air Conditioning

To offer the best possible space utilization and to accommodate the potentially rapid expansion of new IT equipment, modern data centers have implemented a high-density model, based primarily on server technology and storage units of various dissipation capabilities. Thermal, therefore, requires a supply capacity taking into account energy consumption. To address these problems, our precision air conditioning systems are designed for operation 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, but with energy-saving variables due to their design and component architecture that make it efficient.

Chicago Digital Power has developed this equipment with Inverter, Digital Scroll type compressors from recognized manufacturers in the international refrigeration and air conditioning sector, as well as electronic expansion valves and electro-switched fans (EC), all this to achieve a product of quality, reliability, and scalability. We maintain an alliance with specific teams of manufacturers with European technology to technically cover specific projects.

Traditional precision air conditioning is not appropriate in many cases as a cooling system for the data center. This type of air conditioning cannot provide adequate heat removal in the server room due to uneven heat distribution problems, load variations experienced during periods of high power density. An optimal cooling system for the data center must adapt to each of these factors. Instead of traditional precision air conditioning methods, Chicago Digital Power precision cooling solutions employ direct expansion and / or ice water to eliminate the heat produced by the hardware within the data center.

The cooling units can be installed from a modular self-contained cabinet design, which allows for rapid configuration and can be easily expanded by load up to large server rooms. With the electronic dehumidification capability, the ARCTIC Cooling system offers a fast and accurate means to adjust the level of humidity in the air and maintain relative humidity levels within the ideal range required by the telematics equipment.

  • Equipment with high availability, designed and manufactured under the strictest quality and compliance standards.
  • Digital intelligence, the key components of the equipment are modulated and managed by the intelligent controller and in turn accessible to the user through its screen and remotely through the SNMP / Modbus protocol.
  • Perfect integration, designed for mounting in cabinets in the computer industry, row mounting, wall mounting or top mounting to perfectly integrate into server racks. Modular solution for an aisle data center with cold or hot aisle confinement easy to combine.
  • Customization tailored to the needs of each project, with our technical R&D team and professional tools, Chicago Digital Power can design and build the right cooling solution for your specific project.
  • Designed for the Shelter, Containers and outdoor applications industry.
  • Multiple capacities range up to 20.9 kW.
  • Inverter compressors and ecological refrigerants.
  • Compact design with special features for decentralized redundancy work.
  • Equipment with great energy savings despite the cooling capacity of each project.
  • High availability components recognized in the international market.
  • 24-month warranty.
  • Ranges from 12.5 kW to 950 kW with innovative technology for large data centers type hosting & colocation.

Integral monitoring

Have the entire data center at your fingertips, including your technological infrastructure!

To keep operations running smoothly, even in adverse conditions, an effective monitoring and management system for the data center is essential. Without such a system, you run the constant risk of data loss, data corruption, and hardware damage. Our free software-based platform allows management in a single environment, simultaneously integrating all IT installations and equipment on a single platform.

Our system can easily monitor each of your data center management systems and analyze your assets, energy use, cooling systems, data center security, power status, server function and environmental parameters on the same platform. The system can send alerts through instant messaging and also allows remote commands to be executed for problem management or resolution.

The comprehensive monitoring system can connect with many other components from various manufacturers for a complete data center management solution. External elements such as power supplies, generators, fuel tanks, power distribution boards and other external elements that are part of the solution can also be monitored.

After investing in a state-of-the-art data center, the administration is essential to avoid downtime and protect the system from damage. All aspects of data center management can be managed from a single platform, which simplifies the monitoring and protection process of the entire system.

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